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SRG SSR product information



The SRG Letterbox library defines the official SRG SSR media player experience, packed into a single library, providing:

A look at some features


To integrate Letterbox into your project please refer to the following documentation:

Demo applications & website

Web demo is public and for web browsers. iOS, tvOS and Android demo applications are available for download on devices. These applications are limited to internal SRG SSR use.

Source code repositories

Letterbox source code, documentation, release notes and demonstration application source code are available on dedicated repositories:

Web player transition

Letterbox Web

Letterbox Web goal is to provide the same experience, API and features as native mobile Letterbox versions. Letterbox Web player is the next web player generation and can be integrated with npm. The player is in production for Play SRG websites and will be roll-out on other SRGSSR websites.

Technical Player

The previous SRG production player used in production is called Technical Player. It’s only delivered through html iFrame.